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Double Deck Case 2012
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Double Deck Case 2012

Give your Decks that certain something!
So you’ve collected your favourite cards and created strongs Decks – all that you still need is an additional touch of Yu-Gi-Oh! when you bring your cards to your Duels. With this new Double Deck Case 2012 and its starfield design, you can show everyone that you’ve got what it takes even before the game starts.

The Double Deck Case comes with two removable full-size Deck trays, each with a card divider, so you can keep 2 full Decks (including Extra Decks!) side-by-side without mixing up any of your cards. Even if you’re bringing just 1 Deck to a tournament, you can use the other side to store your tokens, calculator, dice, coins, and more! The Double Deck Case is a great companion for any Duelist.

Each Double Deck Case is made of sturdy material, capable of handling the rigors of intense Dueling for hours at a time. It’s flexible, so it won’t break easily, and it’s magnet -fastened so your cards will stay inside and protected even when the Double Deck Box is tossed around in your backpack!



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