Product Title:
Cosmo Blazer Special Edition
Product Type:
Special Edition Box
Launch Date:
21 March 2013
Tournament Legality Date:
21 March 2013

Cosmo Blazer Special Edition

Here comes another blast from the fiery depths of the universe – with Cosmo Blazer Special Edition!

Each box of Cosmo Blazer Special Edition comes with 3 packs of Cosmo Blazer, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare Variant Cards. This red-hot set introduced the powerful new themes “Brotherhood of the Fire Fist” and “Hazy Flame” and brings new support players need for recent themes like “Mermail” or “Prophecy”.

In addition, each box includes 1 of 2 Variant Cards that were both introduced in 2012’s Order of Chaos: either Wind-Up Shark or Blade Armor Ninja! Wind-up Shark is a Level-changing monster that makes Xyz Summoning easy as pie while the stealthy Xyz Monster Blade Armor Ninja supports his squad by letting another Ninja attack twice.

Box contents:
• 3 Booster Packs Cosmo Blazer
• 1 of 2 Super Rare Variant Cards

• 10 boxes per Display Box
• 12 Display Boxes per Case