Welcome to the Duelist League!

The Duelist League is an event program where younger and less experienced players can Duel against others in a non-competitive and casual environment. Here, you can gather experience with playing Yu-Gi-Oh! in official events without being forced to Duel against the more competitive players. Duelist League events are open to everyone, but focussed on new and younger Duelists.

What happens at Duelist League?

  1. Duelist League is open for all Duelists, regardless of age. However, once a Duelist has won three Duelist League events, he or she cannot participate in future events in the same store. This does not apply to Duelists born 2000 or later, who can continue to participate in Duelist League events as often as they like.
  2. The entry fee for Duelist League is chosen by the organizer, up to a maximum of
    EUR 5 (or local equivalent). 
  3. The format is Swiss-System tournament without playoff cut, best-of-three matches with Advanced Constructed Decks.

Are Duelist League events official tournaments?

Yes! They are official tournaments, and their results will be reflected in rankings and ratings.

How often is Duelist League?

Each local Tournament Organizer can decide when and how often he runs Duelist League events.

What can I win at Duelist League events?

  1. At the end of a Duelist League tournament, the winner receives two Duelist League cards of his choice from the available selection.
  2. After the winner has received his or her cards, every Duelist receives one Duelist League card of his choice from the available selection. The Duelists choose their cards based on tournament standings, i.e. the second-placed Duelist picks first, then the third-placed, etc. 
  3. If a Duelist competing in the Duelist League tournament has to leave early for any reason, they are awarded one random Duelist League card.

Where can I find a Duelist League near me?

Call your nearest Official Tournament Store, and ask if they’ll be hosting Duelist League. If not, express your interest in participating and encourage them to run it.

Where can I leave feedback or ask a question regarding Duelist League?

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service at yugioh@konami-europe.net if you have any questions or feedback regarding the Duelist League.

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