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2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship

02 / 07 / 2017

The climax of the World Championship Qualifier season, the ultimate test to find a Duelist strong enough to take on the world. The 2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship is upon us!

Duel with all your might as you take on Australia and New Zealand’s top players, win incredible prizes and earn your seat at the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Championship.



2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship – Frequently Asked Questions
2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship – Full Event Schedule (TBC) 
2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship – Invited Players


Date & Location


02 / 07 / 2017
Auckland, New Zealand

Ellerslie Events Centre

Guineas Room 2 & 3

100 Ascot Avenue



New Zealand


Travel & Accommodation:

Nearest Airports:

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Tourism & Accommodation:


Who can participate in the Oceanic Championships?

There are 2 WCQ: Oceanic Championship events taking place:

  • 2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship (“Main Event”)
  • 2017 WCQ: Oceanic Dragon Duel Championship (“Dragon Duel”)


Players eligible to compete in the 2017 WCQ: Oceanic Championship:


Players eligible to compete in the 2017 WCQ: Oceanic Dragon Duel Championship:

  • All players born in 2004 or later.


People wishing to compete in the 2017 WCQ: Oceanic Dragon Duel Championship do not need to earn a qualification spot from a previous event


Entry Fees:

EventEntry FeeNotes
2017 WCQ: Oceanic ChampionshipNone

Duelists must be on the Invited Players List in order to register.


Participation Prizes: 

2017 World Championship Qualifier Game Mat

2017 World Championship Qualifier Card Sleeves

2017 WCQ: Oceanic Dragon Duel Championship10 NZD

Duelists must be born in 2004 or later in order to register.


Participation Prizes:

2017 World Championship Qualifier Dragon Duel Game Mat

2017 World Championship Qualifier Card Sleeves

2 Booster Packs

Public EventsVariousSee Public Event Schedule for details.


Event Schedule (Main Event):

DayStart TimeEnd Time
2017 WCQ: Oceanic ChampionshipSunday09.00


Event Schedule (Dragon Duel):

DayStart TimeEnd Time
2017 WCQ: Oceanic Dragon Duel ChampionshipSunday09.00


Schedules are subject to change and may be updated before the event begins.


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