● 5 Cards per Pack		● 30 Packs per Box
● 80 Cards in the Set
Ultra Rare Cards x 5				Super Rare Cards 	x 9
Rare Cards	 x 18				Normal Cards	 	x 48
★ 1 Box may not have all 80 cards
★ Ultimate Rare cards exist amomg the Ultra Rares
★ One holographic card exists among this 80-card set
2013/07/20 Release!
A demonic shadow looms above! Introducing many Animated Series’ CNo. cards!
Introducing the new ゴーストリック series!Enjoy your stay with the eerie yet welcoming servants of the ゴーストリック・ハウス!
Featuring more No. cards and a new BK! - A suspicious moon casts its light over the Vampire Kingdom!