Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL OCG PHOTON SHOCKWAVECome now! 銀河眼の光子竜!Let's go for hunting 「Number」!
image package●5 cards per pack  			 ●30 packs per box   

●Total 80 cards of different kinds
Ultra Rare Card・・・・・・5pcs 	  Super Rare Card・・・・・・9pcsRare Card・・・・・・・・18pcs 	

  Normal Card・・・・・・・・48pcs
★1 box is not completely gathered at the 80 cards of different kinds.
★Ultra Rare also as Ultimate Rare available.
★1 of 80 cards is holographic card.Official Release on 2011/7/16(SAT)!
「No.」Hunter:カイト's Theme card debut!Including Yuma's Rival:「カイト」's theme card! The hot 「銀河眼の光子竜」is a Xyz Material remover!! 2 of his 「No.」 Xyz monsters are also included!card image
Including cards used by Yuma!Including cards used by Yuma such as 「ライライダー」,「カゲトカゲ」,「針剣士」and「攻通規制」! Look forward to Shark's latest card!New series Monster "エヴォル" arrives!REPTILE's type 「エヴォルド」 evolves to DINOSAUR's type 「エヴォルダー」! 
Moreover, 「エヴォルダー」 evolves to DRAGON type's 「エヴォルカイザー」! Let's conquer the duelist world!
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