Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL OCG GENERATION FORCEThe power of terror has been awaken by the gathered anger!Release of the Generation Force!Construct the Overlay Network and 超量 Summon!
Number17: Leviathan Dragon!!
PACKAGE IMAGES●5 cards per pack●30 packs per box●Total 80 cards of different kinds
Ultra Rare Card・・・・・・5pcs
Super Rare Card・・・・・・9pcs
Rare Card・・・・・・・・18pcs
Normal Card・・・・・・・・48pcs
★1 box is not completely gathered at the 80 cards of different kinds.
★Ultra Rare also as Ultimate Rare available.
★1 of 80 cards is holographic card.Official Release on 2011/6/15(WED)!
Open the entrance lead to the new generation of Xyz Summon!Including the latest ZEAL Animation cards make use of the Xyz Summon system.
Enjoy the latest duel system you have never experienced before by Starter Deck 2011 and  this booster pack which is firstly including Xyz Monstercard image
Yuma Kattobing cards!Including cards used by Yuma!
Kattobing and Duel!
Xyz Summon!Including cards used by Shark!Xyz Summon by Shark's water attributed monster!
Including Xyz monster such as Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and Submersible Carrier Aero and supporting cards.
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