Yu-Gi-Oh!ZEXAL OCG COSMO BLAZER ●10 cards per pack                 ●30 packs per box
●A total of 80 different cards
Ultra Rare Cards・・・・5 Kinds       Super Rare Cards・・・・・9 Kinds
Rare Cards・・・・・・18 Kinds       Normal Cards・・・・・・48 Kinds
★1 box does not guarantee to include all 80 kinds.
★Among the Ultra Rare Cards, Ultimate Rare Card variations also exist. 
★There is 1 Holographic Rare Card within this set Planned Release Date: Nov 2012 Cards from the climax of the TV Series'WDCArc have arrived! Try out the new 4 kinds of ZW!More cards added to the fabled 炎星 Series! Check out the powerful effect-wielding 陽炎獣 series! Also featuring the deck-enhancing 水精鱗 series!