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Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2009
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Yusei Fudo Collectible Tin 2009
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Collectible Tin
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Exclusive to Target: the Yusei Fudo 2009 Collectible Tin. The Yusei Tin includes 5 booster packs and matching blue card sleeves. Also included is the Secret Rare card “Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu,” one of the most powerful monsters used by the sinister Dark Signers, and previously available only as an Ultra Rare in the sold-out Raging Battle booster set.

Tin contents:

2 packs of Ancient Prophecy (1st Edition)
1 pack of Raging Battle
1 pack of Crimson Crisis
1 pack of Crossroads of Chaos
1 Secret Rare “Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu” card

VALUE ADD: 1 pack of blue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s TCG Card Sleeves, plus Tin Partitions to secure your cards within the Tin!


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