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Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy
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Booster Pack
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Crashing into our cosmos from an unknown dimension come futuristic phantom warplanes, the latest Spellcaster experiments, and an alien force that causes chaotic alterations in Xyz Monsters! It’s not science fiction, it’s Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy!


The Air Force from the Future

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy launches the Mecha Phantom Beasts, an entire air wing of bestiomorphic, roboticized warplanes with incredible future-tech advances, including auto-deployed hard-light holographic decoy monsters. These defense systems generate Level 3 Token monsters to draw away enemy fire with incredible efficiency. As a result, as long as at least one Token is in play none of your Mecha Phantom Beasts can be destroyed!

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These hard-light holograms aren’t just good for defending, though. Each one acts as an extra set of eyes and ears for the entire Mecha Phantom Beast fleet, vastly increasing their overall combat efficiency and their Levels! Each non-Token member of your fleet will gain 3 Levels for every Mecha Phantom Beast Token, giving you so many high-Level monsters that normally impossible Xyz Summons become not just possible, but easy!

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With just 1 Token and any 2 Level 4 Mecha Phantom Beasts, those Mecha Phantom Beasts become Level 7, and you can unleash the Rank 7 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. This juggernaut of the air lanes creates 2 decoys at a time, and can detonate one every turn to obliterate any opposing card!

And don’t forget that while Token monsters themselves cannot be used for Xyz Summoning, they CAN be used for Synchro Summoning. A good Mecha Phantom Beast Deck can easily use Xyz Monsters and Synchro Monsters side-by-side. So get ready for take-off, because even more Mecha Phantom Beasts are coming in August’s Judgment of the Light booster set, including a Mecha Phantom Beast Synchro Monster of their very own.


Fast-Forward Through the Pages of History!

The past 3 booster sets (Return of the Duelist, Abyss Rising, and Cosmo Blazer) have given you the chance to collect and assemble a library of powerful Spellbook cards. Spellbooks make for a powerful Deck when combined with Spellcasters, especially the new Prophecy monsters.

Now it’s time to put that library of Spellbooks to use, with the greatest Spellbook of all: Spellbook of Judgment!


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Spellbook of Judgment effectively doubles the Spellbooks you have, by replenishing all Spellbooks you use this turn with new ones from your Deck.

Start off your turn by playing Spellbook of Judgment (it’s even a Quick-Play!). Then during the End Phase, for every Spellbook you used this turn, you can add a Spellbook from your Deck to your hand. With your hand reloaded, get ready to unload on your opponent again next turn.
TIP: You can’t add another Spellbook of Judgment to your hand with this effect, but you CAN get Spellbook of Secrets (from Return of the Duelist), which you can use to grab another Spellbook of Judgment next turn. Start next turn with Spellbook of Secrets, then play your new Spellbook of Judgment, and the cycle begins all over again!

Spellbook of Judgment also lets you Special Summon any Spellcaster from your Deck with a Level less than or equal to the number of Spellbooks you added to your hand. But the primary ability of this card, to replenish your hand, is so powerful that this bonus Special Summon is practically overkill!

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What dark, arcane secrets have the Spellcasters dreamed up this time? Spellbook of Miracles is aptly named, because it does something rarely seen before – Special Summon an Xyz Monster using Spell Cards as Xyz Materials!

Spellbook of Miracles lets you Summon ANY Spellcaster-Type Xyz Monster from your Graveyard, and attach up to 2 banished Spellbooks to it, to fuel its effects.

Use Spellbook of Miracles to re-use and re-arm your powerful Spellcaster Xyz Monsters like Number 11: Big Eye (from Galactic Overlord), Hierophant of Prophecy (from Return of the Duelist), or the upcoming Norito the Moral Leader (from Number Hunters).


Army of Two

It may have taken them a bit longer to arrive on the scene, but Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Cardinal and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Coyote have returned to Earth to join the fight with their ancient brothers!

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Rather than adapting his battle plan, Cardinal just alters the battlefield to fit HIS plan. His power lets you take 2 of your Fire Fist or Fire Formation cards, plus take 2 of your opponent’s cards, and shuffle ALL of them back into the Decks. By being selective, you can turn this into a really nasty strategy, by returning 2 of your Fire Fists from your Graveyard back to your Deck, while doing the same to 2 of your opponent’s monsters that were still active on the field!

Coyote has a simple but powerful effect: He’s a 2000 ATK monster you can Special Summon from your hand, just like Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Swallow. But unlike Swallow, Coyote can be Summoned for free, as long as you control a Fire Formation card and no other monsters.

These new brothers lead the charge in this second wave of Fire Fist and Fire Formation cards, including two new fighting styles and a squad of reinforcements, just in time to turn the tide of battle!

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What If…

What if Mai Valentine had Xyz Monsters?

Break out your Harpie Deck, because Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy has 3 all-new cards for you! Harpie Channeler gets you more Harpies, and once you have 3 they can combine to unleash their new pet: Harpie’s Pet Phantasmal Dragon!

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Because it’s from a time that never was, your opponent’s cards won’t be able to directly harm Harpie’s Pet Phantasmal Dragon. It can’t be attacked, or targeted with anything, and it can attack your opponent as if their monsters didn’t exist!


The Noble Legend Continues…

The Noble Knights continue their march into the annals of Dueling history in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy.

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Noble Knight Gwalchavad never leaves a friend behind. Every turn, he picks up a fallen Knight and returns him home to safety. Protecting him, and the rest of the knights, are the Noble Arms of Destiny, whose mystic powers prevent Warriors from coming to harm.

These cards are the perfect match to Noble Knight Medraut and Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights from Cosmo Blazer. You can find even more Noble Knights and their Noble Arms in Galactic Overlord, Return of the Duelist, and Abyss Rising!


Alien Influence!

The alien Barians from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL practice a different kind of Xyz Summoning than Yuma and Astral. They don’t stop at just Xyz Summoning a monster, they supercharge it with Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force, a Spell Card that increases an Xyz Monster’s Rank – and powers – by infusing it with chaotic energy.

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Playing Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force lets you take a regular Xyz Monster and use it as Xyz Material to Summon a super-charged “Number C” or “CXyz” Monster that’s 1 Rank higher and the same Type as the Material used. You’ll also get to steal an enemy Xyz Monster’s Xyz Material and place it beneath your new monster, to power up its abilities.

But that’s not all! By Ranking up certain Xyz Monsters, the resulting “CXyz” or “Number C” monster might unlock a special ability! There are two such monsters in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, and you’ll find many more in Number Hunters this Summer!


Dimensions Collide!

The final battle for the Hidden Arsenal is spilling over into our world! The conflict between the Constellars and the Evilswarm has broken into Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, bringing with it a new Xyz Monster and a specialist from each galactic army!

[click on a card image to enlarge ]

Shepherd these lost soldiers back to their comrades from Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars, and your Constellar or Evilswarm Deck will become stronger than ever!


OMG They Brought a Whale!

More of the Mermails’ magnificent mermonsters continue to rise up from the depths! Mermail Abyssbalaen could be the most powerful of them all, but its Special Summoning requirements are a bit more specific than what you’ve seen before.

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Unlike previous mermonsters (which required WATER monsters), Abyssbalaen requires you to discard 4 “Mermail” monsters.
TIPS: Discard Mermail Abyssgunde (from Abyss Rising) to Special Summon one of the Mermails you discarded. You can also discard Mermail Abysshilde (also from Abyss Rising) to Summon another Mermail monster in your hand – even a mighty mermonster.

Abyssbalaen has a real whale of a power. In addition to his ATK soaring to 3000 points, you get to destroy 1 opponent’s card for each Mermail in your Graveyard. That’s going to be a minimum of 4, since you needed to discard 4 to Summon Abyssbalaen, but depending on how the Duel’s been going, it could be a whole lot more!

If you use (or have thought about building) a pure Mermail Deck, Mermail Abyssbalaen gives you a powerful key monster to construct your Deck around.


Tachyon Toolbox

At the speed of light, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy brings you new tools to add to your Deck to counter specific strategies!

Against Decks that Summon, Summon, Summon, defend yourself using Trifortressops. This dinosaur fortress can be Special Summoned from your hand if your opponent Summons 3 or more monsters this turn. Unless your opponent got a spectacular monster on the field, they won’t be able to get past Trifortressops’ 2800 DEF! Even better, it’s immune to all other card effects! Once the dust settles, Trifortressops loses 500 DEF during each Standby Phase, but its instant defense keeps you alive and gets you back in the game.

For more instant defense, use Pinpoint Guard. This Trap Card lets you Summon any Level 4 or lower monster from your Graveyard when your opponent attacks, AND makes your monster indestructible this turn! Also, Pinpoint Guard is NOT a Continuous Trap. It Summons the monster, then goes away, so your monster is permanently Summoned, without an Achilles’ heel!

 And against everybody else, there’s Gauntlet Launcher. Because when all else fails, try firing giant robot rocket hands at your opponent!

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Brace yourself for one of the wildest booster sets ever, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy!


Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy contains 100 cards:

48 Common Cards
20 Rare Cards
14 Super Rare Cards
10 Ultra Rare Cards
8 Secret Rare Cards

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