2017 Dragon Duel Qualifier Invite List - Latin America
UPDATED: 6/16/2017

Here, we will post a list of players who have earned an invite to the World Championship Qualifiers. We update this list often as results are received and compiled, so be sure to keep watching for updates!

If you've just recently qualified and your name doesn't appear here, don't worry! This list is updated as results are reported. Please check the list of Regionals locations to see which venues have been recorded. If your event has been recorded and your name still doesn't appear here, please check this list to see if there has been an error in your information.

Names are listed as first name, last initial, and Player (COSSY) ID. If you have any questions about Regionals, please have a look at our Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Latin American Regionals FAQ page first. If you still can't find your answer, contact us.


Byron Daniel D. 0401784713 Costa Rica
Gianfranco B. 0401891456 Costa Rica
Marypaz M. 0401784690 Costa Rica
Yerik R. 0401784529 Costa Rica
Aidem J. 0401428963 Dominican Republic
Javier A. 0401428902 Dominican Republic
Manuel A. 0401428975 Dominican Republic
Omar J. 0401428951 Dominican Republic
Axel Jefferson C. 0401784421 El Salvador
Bryan Alexander A. 0401889631 El Salvador
Carlos Daniel C. 0401104134 El Salvador
Cristopher Eduardo C. 0401784360 El Salvador
Daniel Alexander P. 0401889605 El Salvador
Dylan Gabriel A. 0401889741 El Salvador
Edwin Antonio M. 0401104158 El Salvador
Fernando Daniel M. 0401705452 El Salvador
Gabriela Dayanara M. 0401784371 El Salvador
Hector Alejandro T. 0401889703 El Salvador
Jefferson Abel P. 0401889654 El Salvador
Juan Diego A. 0401716578 El Salvador
Juan Ramon U. 0401784309 El Salvador
Luis Fernando C. 0401104122 El Salvador
Luis Fernando C. 0401673300 El Salvador
Luis Fernando U. 0401784419 El Salvador
Victor Andrew M. 0401889629 El Salvador
Andrez Eduardo C. 0401817728 Guatemala
Angel Daniel R. 0401865688 Guatemala
Cid Eduardo M. 0401419548 Guatemala
Daniel Alexander M. 0401865664 Guatemala
David Alexander V. 0401417934 Guatemala
Emanuel Enrique F. 0401609615 Guatemala
Erick Estuardo L. 0401419756 Guatemala
Erick Sebastian R. 0401687904 Guatemala
Jack Aramed F. 0401818140 Guatemala
Juan Andres Y. 0401419732 Guatemala
Juan Carlos C. 0401889984 Guatemala
Luis Leonardo L. 0401419744 Guatemala
Rodrigo Alejandro T. 0401824123 Guatemala
Rony Eduardo C. 0401420122 Guatemala
Alan David B. 0401739781 Mexico
Alan Fabricio M. 0401819697 Mexico
Alan L. 0401739902 Mexico
Alan Samuel E. 0401726403 Mexico
Andres Mauricio C. 0401712520 Mexico
Angel Agustin C. 0401536642 Mexico
Angel David D. 0401819404 Mexico
Angel Eduardo M. 0401811785 Mexico
Angel M. 0401642339 Mexico
Angel Rafael H. 0401857810 Mexico
Angel Said B. 0401747146 Mexico
Angel Yahir A. 0401425863 Mexico
Anhuar T. 0401819367 Mexico
Antonio S. 0401712958 Mexico
Arath Ivan M. 0401868911 Mexico
Astrid B. 0401425643 Mexico
Axel Yael D. 0401623027 Mexico
Axel Yael D. 0401895321 Mexico
Benjamin T. 0401726586 Mexico
Brian Jesus Noe R. 0401726598 Mexico
Bryan Alexis G. 0401741936 Mexico
Carlos Kaleb V. 0400394580 Mexico
Cesar Israel A. 0401484143 Mexico
Cesar Thaoma R. 0401867596 Mexico
Christian A. 0401742114 Mexico
Christopher Gibran A. 0401642341 Mexico
Cios M. 0401887599 Mexico
Claudio de Jesus S. 0401862429 Mexico
Daniel R. 0401864863 Mexico
Dante Emilio R. 0401749249 Mexico
David Alejandro C. 0401747476 Mexico
Deidy Jhoset H. 0401857857 Mexico
Diego F. 0401856176 Mexico
Elias Israel G. 0401810373 Mexico
Emiliano D. 0401742102 Mexico
Emilio R. 0401856152 Mexico
Essau M. 0401352254 Mexico
Esteban Marley S. 0401867584 Mexico
Francisco Javier A. 0401696866 Mexico
Gabriel Alejandro G. 0401851352 Mexico
Gabriel Aramis M. 0401859447 Mexico
Gael David M. 0401500687 Mexico
Gael S. 0401862332 Mexico
Gerardo Daniel A. 0401120603 Mexico
Gerede Octavio G. 0401810301 Mexico
Giovani Yared G. 0401819257 Mexico
Hector Rodrigo D. 0401599874 Mexico
Ian Roberto M. 0400456633 Mexico
Isis Jazmin M. 0401819648 Mexico
Ivan C. 0401741582 Mexico
Jahiro Gerardo B. 0401544448 Mexico
Javier Z. 0401857808 Mexico
Jesus L. 0401726378 Mexico
Johans A. 0401708405 Mexico
Jorge Daniel G. 0401895272 Mexico
Jorge Emilio A. 0401826764 Mexico
Jorge Luis F. 0401426030 Mexico
Jose de Jesus G. 0401742089 Mexico
Jose de Jesus J. 0401810324 Mexico
Jose Luis F. 0100023179 Mexico
Jose Luis R. 0401857796 Mexico
Joseph MEX M. 0401800171 Mexico
Josue Armando T. 0401867669 Mexico
Juan Carlos D. 0401689581 Mexico
Juan Pablo A. 0400415691 Mexico
Julian Bernardo V. 0401819271 Mexico
Kendra Yamilet R. 0401641929 Mexico
Leonardo Manuel D. 0401864374 Mexico
Manuel Alejandro A. 0401426091 Mexico
Martin Alejandro R. 0401160000 Mexico
Matias G. 0401855534 Mexico
Mauricio Alejandro C. 0401861922 Mexico
Mauricio Emiliano C. 0401861372 Mexico
Nery Giovanni F. 0110046961 Mexico
Nirvan Alexis G. 0401689677 Mexico
Noel Enrique H. 0401746530 Mexico
Noemi L. 0401726366 Mexico
Oliver Alejandro G. 0401810813 Mexico
Oriol B. 0401741728 Mexico
Oscar M. 0401696391 Mexico
Osmar Nair S. 0401868947 Mexico
Oswaldo H. 0401722196 Mexico
Ruben G. 0401746638 Mexico
Salvador Haziel G. 0401810177 Mexico
Santiago C. 0401426201 Mexico
Sebastian M. 0401543881 Mexico
Sergio Alessio P. 0401862319 Mexico
Sony Alejandro R. 0400252266 Mexico
Vanessa V. 0401811699 Mexico
Victor Agustin M. 0401811797 Mexico
Victor Alfonso G. 0401564012 Mexico
Victor Manuel V. 0401869041 Mexico
Xavier Emilio M. 0401500675 Mexico
Yael B. 0401742091 Mexico
Yael F. 0401859791 Mexico
Adolfo Gabriel G. 0401799618 Nicaragua
Gabriela de los Angeles C. 0401751970 Nicaragua
Isaias Antonio S. 0401752354 Nicaragua
Samuel Fabian C. 0401752001 Nicaragua
William Orlando J. 0401799716 Nicaragua
Diego Jose G. 0401879499 Panama
Jorge Ivan R. 0401888229 Panama
Marcos Mosiah E. 0401888144 Panama
Zhoi D. 0401532521 Panama
Amir N. 0402088658 Trinidad & Tobago
Kriston R. 0401706057 Trinidad & Tobago
Rajav S. 0401705672 Trinidad & Tobago
Raul S. 0402088646 Trinidad & Tobago



Agustin Ezequiel B. 0401803538 Argentina
Facundo ARG P. 0401860461 Argentina
Fernando ARG R. 0401745691 Argentina
Javier ARG P. 0401860558 Argentina
Nahuel ARG G. 0401860497 Argentina
Pablo ARG M. 0401860448 Argentina
Sebastian P. 0401546101 Argentina
Abel M. 0401827663 Bolivia
Alejandro Luis C. 0401812549 Bolivia
Andres M. 0401827530 Bolivia
Anny Escailet J. 0401184098 Bolivia
Cesar Gabriel F. 0401718999 Bolivia
Esmeralda M. 0401827333 Bolivia
Jhonny M. 0401426224 Bolivia
Jose Manuel I. 0401827357 Bolivia
Marcelo Z. 0401812600 Bolivia
Matias BOL M. 0401812647 Bolivia
Nicolas Santiago A. 0401827736 Bolivia
Rafael Miguel C. 0401718975 Bolivia
Sergio Bernardo C. 0401719043 Bolivia
Simon M. 0401718914 Bolivia
Tomas H. 0401812661 Bolivia
Antony M. 0401887355 Brazil
Arthur Coutinho R. 0401665259 Brazil
Davi Moreno C. 0401665125 Brazil
Enzo Simono S. 0401328663 Brazil
Felipe Greco P. 0401590268 Brazil
Gabriel Pires P. 0401682652 Brazil
Hellen Aparecida R. 0400219982 Brazil
Joao Guilherme C. 0401648931 Brazil
Joao Pedro Moreno C. 0401665113 Brazil
Joao Victor B. 0402089105 Brazil
Letielly R. 0400220005 Brazil
Lucas Henrique C. 0401871331 Brazil
Lucas Jun M. 0401886261 Brazil
Luciana Bingyi V. 0401876962 Brazil
Luciano Rocha Weber C. 0401600633 Brazil
Mauricio V. 0401591778 Brazil
Nicolle C. 0401870603 Brazil
Otavio Augusto F. 0401594939 Brazil
Rafael M. 0401876791 Brazil
Rafael Mariano R. 0401602651 Brazil
Rodrigo Z. 0401591375 Brazil
Tatielly R. 0400219994 Brazil
Agustin Alonso M. 0401285201 Chile
Alejandro Antonio A. 0400306881 Chile
Matias Sebastian C. 0401127066 Chile
Andres Camilo R. 0401330929 Colombia
Camilo Andres C. 0401422922 Colombia
David Santiago G. 0401797833 Colombia
Denisse Valentina B. 0401818236 Colombia
Gabriel L. 0401388416 Colombia
Ian Nicolas R. 0401821218 Colombia
Miguel Angel A. 0401866870 Colombia
Owen L. 0401376305 Colombia
Rodrigo Alfonso R. 0401866601 Colombia
Santiago Alexander M. 0401866893 Colombia
Santiago R. 0401756939 Colombia
Alfonso Francisco V. 0400021381 Ecuador
Anthony Fabian C. 0401818004 Ecuador
Christian Xavier S. 0401046176 Ecuador
Daniel Alejandro J. 0401818028 Ecuador
Danna Manuela E. 0401817973 Ecuador
Dylan Joel U. 0401563076 Ecuador
Eduardo Rafael L. 0401641025 Ecuador
Edwin Oswaldo B. 0401557959 Ecuador
Esteban David S. 0401482860 Ecuador
Ethan Alexander G. 0400021404 Ecuador
Ivan Andres C. 0401652384 Ecuador
Johan Daniel A. 0401424721 Ecuador
Johan Salomon V. 0401641013 Ecuador
Juan Salvador M. 0401852984 Ecuador
Kevin Josue A. 0401817997 Ecuador
Rolo Fernando C. 0401641037 Ecuador
Said Diego I. 0401661091 Ecuador
Samuel Sebastian D. 0401355464 Ecuador
Sergio Wladimir T. 0400021392 Ecuador
Stephano Paolo Z. 0401852605 Ecuador
Antonio A. 0401753864 Peru
Axel Natwel C. 0401898911 Peru
Breyner Madox C. 0401898958 Peru
Diego Orlando R. 0401779861 Peru
Gabriel Andres C. 0401566054 Peru
Gabriel Andres U. 0401858402 Peru
James Alexander N. 0401724202 Peru
Joaquin Carlos A. 0401889202 Peru
Juan David C. 0401566042 Peru
Luciano Daniel L. 0401505061 Peru
Luis Alesandro M. 0401582341 Peru
Luis Benjamin V. 0401855241 Peru
Matias Nicolas C. 0401566078 Peru
Rafaela C. 0401566066 Peru
Ricardo Felix V. 0401855230 Peru
Santiago Fabrizio P. 0401858438 Peru
Wilder Eduar M. 0401577561 Peru
Adriano Enrique C. 0401899808 Venezuela
Braian Jesus A. 0401878478 Venezuela
Emmanuel Alejandro C. 0401259030 Venezuela
Jarrixon Gabriel B. 0401878480 Venezuela


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