Master Rule 3

Check out the latest Master Rule 3 taken effect since March 21st 2014, and introduced along with the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Starter Pack!

1. Introducing "Pendulum Monsters" and "Pendulum Summoning"!

An all-new method of Summoning! Make use of the Pendulum Monster's Pendulum Scale, unleashing them using Pendulum Summons!

What are "Pendulum Monsters"?

Though they appear to be like any other Monsters, they can be treated as Spell Cards by placing them in the "Pendulum Zone" via "Pendulum Summoning"! To do this, you will need to make use of the "Pendulum Scale"!

About the "Pendulum Zone"

The Pendulum Zone is marked below! Prepare them by placing Pendulum Monsters on both side!

Here's how to "Pendulum Summon"!

Simply place Pendulum Monsters on both Pendulum Zones!

The power of Pendulum Summoning lies in the ability to Special Summon multiple monsters whose level lies within the Pendulum Scales! Invoking this allows easy summoning of high level monsters!

Key Points

Place a Pendulum Monster face-up into the Pendulum Zone to treat it as a Spell Card! (Cannot be placed face-down)
⇒ As they're now treated as Spell Cards, they could be destroyed by cards such as "サイクロン" / "Mustical Space Typhoon".

Pendulum Monsters placed in either Pendulum Zone are no longer treated as Monster Cards.
⇒ Cards such as "ブラック・ホール" will have no effect on them.

Special Summons can be invoked alongside Pendulum Summons at the same time!
⇒ If a Pendulum Summoning is negated by "神の宣告", all monsters about to be summoned will be sent to the graveyard.

2. Removal of Card Draws for First Player

The new rule omits the first drawing phase of the first Duelist.
Though there are advantages of striking first, the omission of this rule adds another layer of new strategies when going second... which will you choose?

3. Up to 2 simultaneous Field Spells!!


Only 1 face-up Field Spell can be present on the field.


1 face-up Field Spell Card may exist on each Duelist's field.
(When a player activates a Field Spell Card on their side, the opponent is not required to send their Field Spell Card to their Graveyard.)

Also, an existing Field Spell Card is sent to the Graveyard once a new Field Spell Card is activated in its place on its respective field side.
(Doing this no longer results in the previous Field Spell Card being "destroyed")

4. Simplified Field Zone Names!

With the introduction of the new Pendulum Zone, some Field Zone names have been simplified!

5. 5-step Damage Calculation

Battle Flow

Start Step (Unchanged)

⇒Duelist announces that they're entering the Battle Phase.


Battle Step (Unchanged)

⇒Duelist announces their attacking Monster, and their target.


Damage Steps (Updated)

Starting the Damage Step

Effects that affect damage calculation such as negations and changes to monsters' ATK/DEF are activated here.
(Face-down monsters are not required to be flipped face-up at this point) 【Card Examples: "A・O・J カタストル", "一刀両断侍", "オネスト", "突進", "収縮", etc.】

Before Damage Calculation

Face-down cards are flipped face-up at this step (flip effects are yet to be activated).
Effects that mention "Damage Step" are activated during this step. This is typically the last step to activate effect which change a Monster's ATK/DEF. 【Card Examples: "ドリルロイド", "ライトロード・モンク エイリン", "オネスト", "突進", "収縮"】

Damage Calculation

Monsters' ATK/DEF are compared, with the appropriate damages inflicted.
Though uncommon, any effects that are activated during this "Damage Step" will do so here.
【Card Examples: "クリボー", "お注射天使リリー", "武神器-ハバキリ", "禁じられた聖典"】

After Damage Calculation

Resolve card effects activated by battle such as "when you take damage" or "when this card attacks".
Card effects which activate when a card is flipped face-up by battle are also activated here.
【Card Examples: "ライトロード・ハンター ライコウ", "魂を削る死霊", "冥府の使者ゴーズ", "異次元の女戦士"】

End of Damage Step

All damage calculations are applied, and destroyed monsters are sent to the Graveyard here. Effects written along the lines of "when destroyed by battle" will be activated.
【Card Examples: "巨大ネズミ", "ジュラック・グアイバ"】


End Step (Unchanged)

⇒Duelist announces the end of their Battle Phase.

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