Regional Qualifiers

2023 WCQ: Regional Qualifiers

Event Date:  1 September 2022 - 11 June 2023

The road to the 2023 Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TCG European Championship begins with Regional Qualifiers!

These competitive events often draw in a large number of players and are run as Swiss-style tournaments.

The top performing Duelists at each Regional Qualifier earn the right to compete in the 2023 WCQ: Continental Championship!

If you are a Junior player (born in 2009 or later) and succeed at a Regional Qualifier, you can choose to either play in the 2023 WCQ: Continental Championship, or the 2023 Dragon Duel Championship, held at the same location.

Please see below for further information, and where you can find your nearest Regional Qualifier!

Invite Update:
Please be aware that unlike in previous years, invites earned at these events do not pass down from one Duelist to another. Please check the FAQ for additional information.

Regional Qualifier Game Mats

In addition to the standard participation prizes, top performing players can also win WCQ Regional Deck Boxes or an exclusive Game Mat! The Game Mat’s design changes with each Season, and always featuring designs from the latest booster set.

Cyberstorm Access Season

Photon Hypernova Season

Darkwing Blast Season

Power of the Elements Season

Regional Qualifier Deck Box