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Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Collectible Tin
Product Title:
Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Collectible Tin
Product Type:
Collectible Tin
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament
Legal Date:

(Caught you by surprise, didn’t we?)

Ninjas! Nobody ever sees them coming. And nobody expected the Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Collectible Tin. But it IS real – if you can find it, before it vanishes in a puff of smoke!

Do you have the strength and skill of a master Ninja? Of course you don’t! But that’s okay, because Hanzo will train you to battle with the cunning and experience of a Ninja Grandmaster:
To have maximum power!
To guide you to victory!
To shock your opponents!
To rescue you from the jaws of defeat!
To be sneaky and devious!
All the things that make true Ninjas the deadliest fighters in the world.

The Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Collectible Tin includes:

  • 1 Photon Shockwave booster pack, plus 2 packs of Order of Chaos and 2 packs of Galactic Overlord
  • 1 Secret Rare Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo
  • 1 Super Rare Maxx "C"
  • 1 Super Rare Tour Guide From the Underworld
  • 1 Super Rare Number 16: Shock Master
  • 1 Super Rare Rescue Rabbit

All packed in a special box – a box of metal smoke!

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