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Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2009
Product Title:
RShooting Star Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Product Type:
Collectible Tin
Set Size:
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament
Legal Date:
per tin

The Shooting Star Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin is one of five Collectible Tins for the 2010 holiday season. Each Tin comes with 5 Booster Packs and 5 different Variant Cards!

Make a wish! Shooting Star Dragon is about to bolt across the night sky, right into your Deck! This cosmic Tin, illuminating the spectacular blue voids of deep space, is a great way to store your Decks, your favorite cards, or anything else you want to keep safe!

Shooting Star Dragon is the latest upgrade to Yusei’s famous Stardust Dragon. This Level 10 Synchro Monster has 3300 ATK and three key abilities. If you need to, you can even use all three abilities in the same turn! Shooting Star Dragon can stop your opponent’s cards from destroying your monsters, stop your opponent’s attacks, or even attack several times in the same turn (if you have some Tuner monsters hanging out near the top of your Deck)!

Tin Contents:

1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
1 pack of Absolute Powerforce
2 packs of The Shining Darkness
1 pack of Duelist Revolution

1 Secret Rare card: Shooting Star Dragon
1 Super Rare card: Elemental Hero Ocean
1 Super Rare card: Dreadscythe Harvester
1 Super Rare card: Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
1 Super Rare card: Stardust Dragon

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