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Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2009
Product Title:
Black-Winged Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin
Product Type:
Collectible Tin
Set Size:
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament
Legal Date:
per tin

The Black-Winged Dragon 2010 Collectible Tin is one of five new Collectible Tins for the 2010 holiday season. Each Tin comes with 5 Booster Packs and 5 different Variant Cards!

The Black-Winged Dragon Tin beckons you like the night sky, with a deep black paint job to show off Crow’s glowing Synchro Monster, Black-Winged Dragon. This cool black Tin is a great way to store your Decks, your favorite cards, or anything else you want to keep safe!

Tin contents:

1 pack of Stardust Overdrive
2 packs of Absolute Powerforce
2 packs of The Shining Darkness

1 Secret Rare card: Black-Winged Dragon
1 Super Rare card: Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
1 Super Rare card: The Wicked Eraser
1 Super Rare card: Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Super Rare card: Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor

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