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Double Deck Case
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Konami Tournament
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Before you even sit down to Duel, show everyone you’re ahead of the game by carrying your cards with style in the all-new, limited edition Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Deck Case. This Double Deck Case bears the full mark of the Crimson Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, letting all your opponents know you mean business!

The Double Deck Case comes with two removable full-size Deck trays, each with a card divider, so you can keep 2 full Decks (including Extra Decks!) side-by-side without mixing up any of your cards. Even if you’re bringing just 1 Deck to a tournament, you can use the other side to store your tokens, calculator, dice, coins, and more! The Double Deck Case is a great companion for any Duelist.

Each Double Deck Box is made of sturdy material, capable of handling the rigors of intense Dueling for hours at a time. It’s flexible, so it won’t break easily, and it’s magnet-fastened so your cards will stay inside and protected even when the Double Deck Case is tossed around in your backpack!

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