Crimson Crisis
Product Title:
Crimson Crisis (CRMS)
Product Type:
Booster Pack
Set Size:
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament
Legal Date:
per pack

Crimson Crisis (MSRP $3.99 per nine-card pack) will first be released at hobby stores participating in KDE’s sneak peek extravaganza on either February 28 or March 1, depending on the store’s preference.  The Crimson Crisis booster set will be available nationwide at those hobby stores not participating in the sneak peek event and retailers on March 3.

Crimson Crisis establishes the all-new Assault Mode monsters and Synchro Monsters which can be transformed to Assault Mode, making them incredible fighting forces with massive attack points and potent effects. This all new 100-card booster set will improve any Duelist's collection with the new Synchro Monsters, Tuners, and new themes like the Dark "Blackwing" monsters. Duelists everywhere beware because the onslaught of Crimson Crisis is drawing near! Each box contains 24 packs.

100-card complete set:

  • Collect 48 Common Cards (8:1)
  • 20 Rare Cards (1:1)
  • 14 Super Rare Cards (1:5)
  • 10 Ultra Rare Cards (1:12)


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