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Raging Battle
Product Title:
Ancient Prophecy (ANPR)
Product Type:
Booster Pack
Set Size:
Launch Date:
Konami Tournament
Legal Date:
per pack

With Ancient Prophecy, Duelists can boost their Decks with new X-Saber, Koa’ki Meiru, and Earthbound Immortal cards.  Blackwing Decks built with cards from Crimson Crisis and Raging Battle will unleash their full potential at last with the latest additions from Ancient Prophecy

Ancient Prophecy also adds to the X-Saber cards introduced in the 2009 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Starter Deck, adding new strength to any Deck that’s packing Synchro Monsters.  Another of the 5 Legendary Dragons resides in Ancient Prophecy; be the first to reveal the force of Luna’s “Ancient Fairy Dragon”!

100-card complete set:

48 Common Cards (8:1)
20 Rare Cards (1:1)
14 Super Rare Cards (1:5)
10 Ultra Rare Cards (1:12)

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