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Here’s some important news regarding the Forbidden & Limited Cards List used for high-level tournaments!

Beginning February 8, 2016, in addition to the Forbidden & Limited Cards list, all tournaments held at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events, Regional Qualifier events, and UDS Qualifier and Invitational events will have these additional Deck construction rules:

Performage Plushfire – Forbidden
Performage Damage Juggler – Forbidden
Tellarknight Ptolemaeus – Forbidden
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker – Limited
Performapal Monkeyboard – Limited
Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer – Limited

This is referred to as the “Adjusted List”. The standard Forbidden & Limited Cards list applies except where superceded by this Adjusted List.

Additionally, Official Tournament Stores are free to use the Adjusted List for their local events if they wish. Be sure and check with your Official Tournament Store to confirm.

You can find additional information and explanation here.

We hope that this will improve everyone’s enjoyment at the tournament level. Thank you for your continued support, and happy Dueling!


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