Here you'll find the invite lists of of players who have earned an invite to the World Championship Qualifiers. We update this section as results are recorded and more information becomes availabe!

2020 World Championship Qualifier Invite Lists
United States & Canada  
Latin America  


2020 Dragon Duel Championship Invite Lists
United States & Canada  
Latin America  


How do I earn an invite?

You can earn an invite for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Championship Qualifer at Regional Qualifiers, Dragon Duels, OTS Championships, or Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series.

The number of invites awarded at these events varies. Please check the event FAQs for these tournaments for additional information.

What should I do if I think I have earned a World Championship Qualifier Invite and don't appear on the list?

If you've just recently qualified and your name doesn't appear here, don't worry! This list is updated as results are reported.

First, check our list of events that have reported their results to see which venues have been recorded. If your event has been recorded and your name is still not on the list, check the error listings (or the Dragon Duel error list) to see if there has been an error in your information.

Names are listed as first name, last initial, and CARD GAME ID (previously COSSY ID). If you have any questions about Regionals, please have a look at our Yu-Gi-Oh! Regionals FAQs first. If you still can't find your answer, contact us.


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