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Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

Cape Fear Games

4107 Oleander Dr Ste D
Wilmington, NC 28403

(910) 798-6006


Who would have imagined that 2020 would be quite like this? The pandemic is wreaking havoc with current and future organized play plans, and as we move forward, the local Official Tournament Store will be key. One of these stores is Cape Fear Games, our Featured Official Tournament Store for June 2020, and they are currently open for retail sales!

Cape Fear Games can be found in Wilmington, North Carolina. Owner, Heath Newton, has been selling various trading card games (TCG) since 2003, but he exclaimed, "I really wanted a game store! Since, there was no local game store here in town, it made sense! I also had a willing friend from high school who offered to run it, if I opened it, so it all fell into place and we opened in 2009. We sell all kinds of card games and tabletop games; there is something for everyone." Heath wanted to provide a place where everyone felt at home. When setting up the store, he "made a point to push for the nicest, most family-friendly store; one where I would want my family to go to," declared Heath.

During the crisis, with Stay-At-Home orders in place throughout the country, including North Carolina, events and normal retail operations were put on hold, and obligated businesses to adapt to the worldwide public health situation. Cape Fear Games was no exception, "I'm a huge fan of human interaction but right now we can't do that; but my biggest worry is a staff member or customer getting sick," sighed Heath, "so we're doing what we can and offering delivery and curbside pickup, until things get back to normal."

"I made a point to push for the nicest, most family-friendly store; one where I would want my family to go to. "

- Heath Newton, owner

During normal operations, Cape Fear Games' Yu-Gi-Oh! player community is a mix of older and younger players and has turnouts of 16 to 25 players on average for their Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments. "I believe we have a positive community; we certainly have players that are passionate.  However, as with any community, there will always be some toxicity and negativity from some people," observed Heath. Cape Fear Games is very strict about its code of behavior. Every player is given an opportunity to improve. "We take the stance that, we'll talk to people in private first. If their behavior doesn't change, we have them take a break from the store for a month. Sometimes talking to them about it once fixes it," assures Heath. Furthermore, he "wants other stores to know that it takes those steps to make that good community."

And building a positive and welcoming community is important for Cape Fear Games. Speaking to their Yu-Gi-Oh! Manager, Patrick Leahman, he insists that it is the community that keeps players coming back. That's what kept him coming back when he was a player coming into the store. Players "come in to playtest at the store to see if their Deck works out, and the older, more experienced players are quick to help the younger, less experienced ones with advice and improvements for their Decks," assured Patrick. A great customer service experience is important at Cape Fear Games. Patrick told us of an instance "when one of our younger players came in, and he didn't understand the higher levels of the game and really wanted to learn.  So, we got him 3 Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters and taught him how to play around hand traps," he boasted. "Everyone gets along really well, and they build each other up."

"I'm super happy I found Cape Fear Games," asserted Patrick. "In my sophomore year in high school, I had moved, and I didn't make new friends at school. But that all changed when I came to Cape Fear Games and found a social circle. I'm super grateful for CFG for that." To which Heath added that "having someone on our team like Patrick, that's so positive and enthusiastic, is a huge coup for our store! It's good to figure out who those people are so that you can support and nurture that energy." 

Congratulations to our Featured Official Tournament Store for June 2020, Cape Fear Games

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