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Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming

377 Burnhamthorpe Rd E.
Mississauga, ON



September means back to school, but it also means back to Dueling!  With Regional Qualifiers for the 2020 World Championship Qualifiers up and running, Duelists are looking forward to the next season of Dueling and earning their invites for next year's World Championship Qualifier!  Where is the best place to go to and prepare for Regional Qualifiers, you ask? It is at the weekly tournaments at your local Official Tournament Store!  This month, we go to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada where you'll find our Featured Official Tournament Store for September 2019, Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming!

"We started in 1991 with my wife and brother-in-law, they were big collectors of sports cards," said owner Parvez Balsara.  As trading card games began making their way into the fold in the mid 90's, Untouchables diversified into gaming, getting into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME in 2002.  "Yu-Gi-Oh! is our #1 game right now…we've been growing pretty well with Yu-Gi-Oh!," explained Parvez.  Staff member Andrij Rybsky-Shaw elaborated on their player turnouts, saying "we started with Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and now we have tournaments that run 6 days a week!  Every day except Monday…the community is very active, and they love playing!"

The player community at Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming varies between competitive and casual, and they play with an assortment of Deck types.  The players range mostly between 15 to 20-years-olds and include a few parents that sometime enter with their children.  Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming is committed to their player base. Not only do they sponsor a number of players at Tier 2 events, they also supported the efforts of one of their players who started a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Club at his school. As a result, the player brought a few of his club mates to the store to enter events! 

"Customer service has to be at 100%; you have to treat everyone fairly and well."

Andrij Rybsky-Shaw

Other efforts to acquire new players include running a free tournament when a new booster set releases, where the Top 4 players split a box. It is a way for "players that are new to the game, to get into the game," adds Andrij.  "It's a good opportunity to see the store, and they'll come back if they enjoy the community."  Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming also coordinates with the gaming group from the local library.  The store provides product including sample Decks and sealed packs, for the members of the group.  "We also do Win-A-Mats and Demo Deck tournaments at conventions.  We give the Demo Decks to the library as well," said Andrij. 

When asked about how being an OTS has affected the store, Andrij replied "being an OTS has been really good.  There's opportunities to run special programs between promotions.  It's huge."  Indeed!  Official Tournament Stores have the ability to run events like the Official Tournament Store Championship, YCS VIP Qualifiers, and access to OTS packs to support their local tournaments, among other perks! 

Finally, Andrij added as advice for other Official Tournament Stores, "customer service has to be at 100%; you have to treat everyone fairly and well.  No one wants to go to the store where the person behind the counter isn't happy. [Staff] has to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic in what they're saying.  Quality of service is everything." 

Congratulations to our September 2019 Featured Official Tournament Store, Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming

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