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192 E Main St., Suite 6
Fernley, NV 89408

(775) 302-3835

We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe. As circumstances continue to evolve regarding COVID-19, please remain up-to-date on any new restrictions that may be imposed on store closures. We want to prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities, and encourage Duelists to contact your OTS about their hours and safety policies, and remember to follow all guidelines.

8 months ago, our lives took a bit of a tailspin. Today’s reality includes COVID-19 and the safety precautions that have become a part of our daily lives; therefore, we thought it was incumbent upon us to take some time to adjust the focus of Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS) articles to include its impact on OTS.  

November’s Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS) is Dice-N-Duels in Fernley, Nevada! The owner of Dice-N-Duels, Jennifer Beeman, started the business four years ago so that her children would have a safe place to hang out. “My husband and I didn’t have anywhere to hang out as kids, and we wanted to make sure our kids did,” she said. Now, it’s a thriving business and a staple in the community.

The atmosphere at Dice-N-Duels is fun and friendly. Jennifer’s store provides what she describes as a “neutral environment for kids and adults alike,” where they can talk about any issues they’re facing. It’s not uncommon for an entire family to enter her store at once to participate in an event or just sit down at the tables and Duel. “Dice-N-Duels teaches kids how to play, and encourages parents to play with kids,” she says. “A lot of parents do play with kids. Some families come in every week, and say that it helps them bond. It’s great for the kids and the parents, especially when the kids move on to bigger tournaments like Regionals and win. We sent a 7-year-old boy to California for Regionals last year and he came back with a medal and the largest smile and sense of pride. It was a great experience!”

Customers that enter her store are treated like family. “At a lot of places, customers come in and it’s just business,” Jennifer says. “But that’s not how my place is. Everyone that comes in is family. We’re open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s for people who don’t have local family. We’re open 7 days per week, and I usually stay at the store past the closing time. I haven’t had a day off in 4 years!” Jennifer is also a proud member of the nonprofit organization “Soldiers’ Angels,” and is committed to assisting military personnel and their families in any way possible. That’s one reason she stays open on days that most other businesses are closed. She wants to make sure that military personnel in the area have somewhere they can go where they’re treated like family, even if they’re away from home. Everyone is taken care of at Dice-N-Duels!

"“A lot of parents do play with kids. Some families come in every week, and say that it helps them bond."

- Jennifer Beeman, owner

The Yu-Gi-Oh! players in particular, Jennifer says, have incredible camaraderie. “Many players let opponents take back moves to show them how to play correctly, even in tournaments,” she says. “That way, the players can focus on improving play so that each individual can better him or herself.” Jennifer runs lots of different events and likes to keep her tournaments fun and friendly, with an opportunity to learn. She even distributes prizes to all rankings in the tournament so that Duelists never get discouraged. Jennifer wants tournaments to be enjoyable for everyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has recently made safety a major consideration for many businesses worldwide, but safety at her store has always been a top priority for Jennifer. There are lots of events geared toward kids, and parents of young children are required to sign the children in and out of each event. Young children can’t leave the store without a parent present, ensuring that they remain safe. In a changing world, Jennifer was also quick to adapt to keep her players safe from COVID-19. She was forced to close for 8 weeks during the pandemic, but upon reopening, implemented new safety precautions. Jennifer now keeps hand sanitizer around the store for the players to use; sanitizes hourly; requires people who enter the store to wear masks; and, per the governor’s mandate, sets her store’s capacity to 24 people – one-half of what would otherwise be permitted. She also began hosting Remote Duel events so that players could keep in touch and Duel from a safe distance. These Remote Duels even allowed military members who attended events at Dice-N-Duels to continue playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) with one another after they were redeployed to other locations.

During the 8 weeks that Jennifer was forced to close Dice-N-Duels, she wasn’t able to hold tournaments in her store. But the excitement of the Duelists that had gone to her store never subsided. “Even while my store was closed, people were contacting me on my cellphone to buy product,” she said. “I was having people reach out to me almost on a daily basis. They would ask, ‘Can we wear masks and play outside? Can we play on opposite sides of the table, 6 feet apart?’” Jennifer couldn’t open her store during this time, but used these 8 weeks to design a special countertop for her customers. Each of her loyal customers autographed and sent in a card that was special to him or her, and Jennifer used those cards in a design that they would all see when the store reopened.

“On my first day back open, there were so many people who wanted to come to my store, I couldn’t have them all in,” Jennifer said. The Lost Art Promotion was also a huge boon for Dice-N-Duels. During this promotion, Duelists received a free promotional card for spending $30 or more on sealed Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG product. “One of the best Lost Art promos was Dark Magician Girl,” she said. “I literally had no product on my shelf after it. For the entire time we had Dark Magician Girl, people bought everything!”

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG community at Dice-N-Duels has steadily grown over the years. At one time, Jennifer reached out to every school in the area and invited them to send students over as a reward for good behavior. She set out tables for them to play on, and gave them Decks and prizes. The kids loved it so much that schools started reaching out to Jennifer to ask her to host these events for them. Since then, Jennifer’s store has been continuously growing.

Dice-N-Duels is a popular OTS with a casual and welcoming feel. We are happy to have them as our November 2020 Featured OTS. Be sure to check it out if you’re ever in the area!

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