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Information For Parents

For parents who would like to know more about the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.

How Can My Child Get Ready to Participate in Organized Play?

Once you’ve found an event to attend, there are a few things you’ll need to do to help your child get ready. You’ll both enjoy the event much more if you know what to expect and are fully prepared—reading over this section will give you the basic information you’ll need to get the most out of an event.

If some of the terms seem unfamiliar, you can check out our glossary, which provides a more detailed explanation of these terms.

What should my child bring to a tournament?

A Deck

Most tournaments are Constructed events. This means that your child will need to bring his or her own Deck in order to play. A Deck is not just a random handful of cards from your child’s collection – a well-built Deck includes good cards and strategies. In addition, the Deck must meet certain requirements in order to promote fair play. For his or her first Deck, your child will probably enjoy playing one that contains his or her favorite cards, perhaps with some strong cards recommended by other Duelists. You can also purchase a ready-made Starter Deck or Structure Deck that is ready to play right out of the box.

Most Duelists like to put card sleeves on the cards in their Deck to keep the cards clean and in good shape. Card shops and most other stores that sell trading cards carry these sleeves, as well as Deck boxes in which to store Decks.

If your child would like to build his or her own Deck, help him or her make sure that the Deck meets all the rules. You can do this by reviewing the Format List page. This format will change periodically to promote new Deck ideas and to keep the game exciting for Duelists. Click here for a link to the Format List page, which will explain which cards your child can use in a Deck.

Once you find a local Official Tournament Store, you will usually meet a judge, Tournament Organizer, or more experienced player who can give your child some additional assistance with his or her Deck.

Tournament Supplies

In addition to his or her Deck, there are a couple of other things your child should bring to an event.

First, your child should bring a Deck box in which to keep his or her Deck. A Deck box gives your child a place to store all of the cards in his or her Deck, so that the cards in his or her Deck are always together, and don’t get mixed in with the rest of his or her collection.  In a competitive tournament, the Deck that your child is playing with must be kept separate from the rest of his or her collection.

Second, your child might want to put the cards he or she brings to a tournament in card sleeves. Card sleeves help protect cards from becoming damaged as kids play with them. Although your child doesn’t need card sleeves or a Deck box to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, most players have them, because using a Deck box and card sleeves is the best way for them to protect their cards from getting damaged, especially if they want to trade those cards later.

Third, your child should bring a pencil and paper. This will allow your child to keep track of each player’s Life Points. Using pencil and paper to keep track of changes in the score will make your child’s games go a lot more smoothly. Instead of using pencil and paper, some kids use a calculator.

Fourth, your child should bring any Tokens or dice that the cards in his or her Deck may require. Some cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME will put special “Tokens” on the field, or will require a player to roll a die. If your child uses any of these cards in his or her Deck, it’s always best to bring Tokens and dice to tournaments.

Finally, your child should keep all of these things in a bag or backpack which he or she can keep track of easily. For first events, your child doesn’t need to bring every card he or she owns – it can be hard to keep an eye on a lot of possessions at an event, and you don’t want your child to lose anything.

How can my child learn more about the rules and basic gameplay?

Before your child enters a tournament, it’s always a good idea to make sure he or she first understands the basic rules of the game. We have several online resources to help you and your child prepare for a tournament, by teaching about the rules and basic gameplay.

You can find the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Rulebook, along with a Learn To Play Demo, on the “Gameplay” section of this website:


Another excellent resource for learning more about the game is the KDE Strategy Site – there are new articles weekly to talk about Decks, card strategies, and more:


How can my child and I learn about tournament policies?

While Duelist League and local tournaments are often very casual, there are guidelines in place for all Konami Organized Play events. These guidelines are designed to promote good sporting conduct and a fair play experience for all participants. It is a good idea to go over these polices with your child, so you will both know what is and is not allowed at a tournament.  This gives you a good opportunity to discuss the concept of rules with your child, and why it is important to understand and follow them. Tournament policies and rules are in place to help events run smoothly and fairly, not to target or punish the players indiscriminately.

Konami keeps current copies of all tournament policies online, where you can access them easily.  You will find them posted here.

How can I talk to my child about being a good sport?

Duelists are always expected to show good sporting conduct. Wins and losses should be given and accepted with good spirits and congratulations to the opponent, no matter what the Duelist’s age. Duelists, especially when they are starting out, shouldn’t be discouraged by or focus on losses, but rather learn from each Duel and think about enjoying the game. Talk to your child beforehand about good sporting conduct—discuss how to be gracious in wins as well as in losses. Games are meant to be fun!

How can I offer my child my support?

One of the best ways for a parent to stay close to his or her children is to learn about and share their interests. Take a little bit of time to learn about your child’s new hobby, so you can talk about it with him or her. Make some time in the family schedule to take your children to some Organized Play events. If your child has friends who are also interested, consider joining forces with their parents to arrange a carpool, so the children will have familiar company at the events.

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