Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters

August 18 2018 (SAT) RELEASE !

This is where the legend started... In celebration of Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG 20th anniversary, the deluxe Special Set debuts! Includes commemorable reprint packs of the Booster Pack "Vol.1" that originated the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG! Special rubber Duel Field, special Card Case, and special Duelist Card Sleeves come with magnificent illustrations and gorgeous finish!! The Special Card "守護神官マハード" comes as the 20th Secret Rare!

Deluxe Special Set to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters 20th ANNIVERSARY SET
  • Special Card (20th Secret Rare): 1 card
  • Vol.1 Reprint Pack: 3 packs (5 cards per pack)
  • Special Duel Field (rubber): 1 pc
  • Special Duelist Card Sleeves: 1 pack (100pcs per pack)
  • Special Card Case: 1 pc
  • *Vol.1 Reprint Packs is a reproduction of the original edition launched in 1999, and some descriptions in the product are different from the latest products.
  • * Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : August 18 2018 (SAT)