Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Structure Deck R - 神光の波動 -

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Structure Deck R - 神光の波動 -
September 23 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

The holy realm is filled with surge of light…. Awaken, 天空聖騎士.Preserve the concept of popularized Structure Deck (SD), the fifth installment in the “Structure Deck R” constructed deck series make debut with Brand-new cards!! The charm of SD “神光の波動”will be revival with mighty Fairy Type Monsters and Counter-Trap Cards. Stay tuned “神光の波動”how to make reborn with brand-new and synergistic support cards!

Legend deck will be revival with new style! The fifth installment of “Structure Deck R” – "神光の波動" !

New ace Monster “天空聖騎士アークパーシアス”debut!
It’s a Level 9 Fairy Type Monster with 3 powerful effects and powerful combo with Counter Trap Cards. Deploying assault while hindering your opponent with Counter Trap Card, dealing battle damage, and leading to further combo in the mean time! Besides that, 2 new Fairy Type Monsters debut to support combo of the series through replenishing Hand cards!

New Continuous Spell and Counter Trap cards are stronger!!

New Continuous Spell card treated as “天空の聖域” which can strengthen Fairy Type, debut! The effect of returning the total of 3 Fairy Types or Counter Trap cards from Graveyard to the top of Deck in any order, is also powerful too!
The new Counter Trap card not only to negate the unleashing of Monster’s Effect / Spell / Trap card to return back to the Deck, but also the effect is stronger when Special Summon the ” パーシアス” Monster from Deck / Extra Deck.

Special card “イーバ”!!
Good compatibility powerful cards also included!

The effect of special card “イーバ” is powerful! It’s capable to add 2 of Fairy Type / Light Attribute Monsters Level 2 or below, from Deck to Hand! It is also possible to prepare for the counterattack of the opponent by adding three re-included "デクレアラー" to hand!

Highly compatible Spell/Trap Cards also included!!

Activated 「神の警告」 and powerful Counter Trap Cards included! Activate the effect of Fairy Type Monsters in this Deck by activation of Counter Trap Card not only hinder your opponent but also lead to advantages.

Re-included powerful cards which can activate in various Decks!

Included the cards which can strengthen various Decks and activate till now!
Stay tuned with more astonishing cards too!

Special Duel Field included!

Structure Deck R - 神光の波動 -
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersStructure Deck R- 神光の波動 -
  • Pre-Built Deck (40 cards) x 1
  • Special Card x 1
  • Special Token x 1
  • Official Rule Book x 1
  • Special Duel Field / Game Guide x 1
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : September 23 2017 (SAT)