Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Structure Deck R - 恐獣の鼓動 -

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Structure Deck R - 恐獣の鼓動 -
February 25 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

Earth Shaking, Dinobeast’s Pulse! The Ultimate Tyrant, Awakening!!Preserve the concept of popularized Structure Deck (SD), the forth installment in the “Structure Deck R” constructed deck series make debut with Brand-new cards!!
The charm of SD “Dinosaur’s Pulse” will be revival with fighting with powerful Dinosaur monsters. Stay tuned “Dinobeast’s Pulse” how to make reborn with brand-new and synergistic support cards!!

Legend deck will be revival with new style! The forth installment of “Structure Deck R” – “Dinobeast’s Pulse”!!!

Powerful monster “究極伝導恐獣” with Level 10, Attack Power 3500, Defense Power 3200, make debut!
How strong of the effect, not only can attack once to all of each opponent’s monster, and also overwhelm all of opponent’s monsters, no matter card face down, their defense can send opponent’s defense target monsters (effect can give 1000 of each as damage) to Graveyard!

New Spell, Trap Cards are also strong!!

No matter beneficial to the battle of Dinosaurs’ Monsters or defending Dinosaurs on the field, Field Spell Cards with four powerful effects arrived! Trap Cards with the ability allowing the Dinosaurs to mass deploy and destroy the card effect of opponent on the field, also debut!!

New Dinosaurs’ Common Monsters make debut! Also included auxiliary cards for activation!

Dinosaurs Level 4 Common Monsters make debut! High attack power, included
“レスキューラビット”which its layout is very strong! Can be further strengthened if as a combo with the new cards!

Included lots of powerful auxiliary cards!!

Except Dinosaurs’ monsters, lots of auxiliary cards which can activate Dinosaurs’ monsters, also included!

Included cards which can activate in different kinds of deck!!

Strengthen various decks can be activated at the forefront of Duel, such as “テラ・フォーミング” and “闇の護封剣”!

Structure Deck R - 恐獣の鼓動 -
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersStructure Deck R- 恐獣の鼓動 -
  • Pre-Built Deck (40 cards) x 1
  • Special Card x 1
  • Special Token x 1
  • Official Rule Book x 1
  • Duel Field / Game Guide x 1
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : February 25 2017 (SAT)