Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters STRUCTURE DECK Powercode Link

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters STRUCTURE DECK Powercode Link
December 9 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

Hot power connected with Link! Strike with critical blow!The figure of the protagonist 「遊作」 who is fighting in the VR space of the new anime「遊☆戯☆王VRAINS (ヴレインズ)」, the name is「Playmaker (プレイメーカー)」. The Structure Deck which is focused on the Link Monsters and Cyberse Type Monsters played by the protagonist, has been released! It is a debut of Fire Attribute 「コード・トーカー」 Monster! You can’t miss the powerful cards to support Link Summon too! Enjoy the Deck of the protagonist who plays Link Summon !

Debut of the 3 new Link Monsters which can be easily Link Summoned such as the FIRE 「コード・トーカー」monsters !!

It is a debut for a New 「コード・トーカー」 Link Monster played by the protagonist! The effect to negate Monster Effect and greatly strengthen its own ATK is powerful! Besides that, all Link Monsters debut this time can be Summoned with “2 monsters” or “3 monsters”! Because any monsters including tokens can be used as material, it makes them easy to Summon! Now you can enjoy Dueling just like the protagonist manipulating Link Summons!

Point1Line up Monsters with Special Summon,Connect to Link Summon!!

New cards easily connecting to Link Summon debut too! Besides Normal Summon once per turn, line up monsters with Special Summons multiple times in a turn, and finish it with Link Summon!

What are Tokens?
Tokens are monsters appear on the field as the result of a card’s effect to Special Summon a Token.

Point2Break through with Effects to ready hands and destroying monsters.

New cards with effects to ready hands debut too! Fill your hand with cards connecting to Link Summon! Also, a powerful monster with effect capable of destroying all monsters on Main Monster Zone debut too!

Point3Field Spell strongly supporting Link Monsters debut too!!

Field Spell supporting Link Monsters debut!! It has the effects to protect Link Summons from being negated, supports battles, and also it has chances to Special Summon a Cyberse Link Monster from Extra Deck if you take damage above 2000!!

Special Duel Field included!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersSTRUCTURE DECKPowercode Link
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Release Date : December 9 2017 (SAT)