Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters PREMIUM PACK 20

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters PREMIUM PACK 20
March 10 2018 (SAT) RELEASE !

The 20th PREMIUM PACK debuts! release date is March 10 2018 (Sat)!Not only cards shown in the 「遊☆戯☆王」manga series, powerful new monsters from anime and comics also debuts too! Including new Link Monsters, 15 type of cards are included this time. Multiple featured cards leading to powerful combos also included too!

Familiar themes from Manga・Anime
Conspicuous new cards debut!

Familiar in “遊☆戯☆王GX”, new Link Monsters for debuts! Strongly support the deployment of various kinds of “HERO” whom centerized as Fusion Monsters. And also, the powerful cards dominated by 蓮 in the Manga “遊☆戯☆王ARC-V” also debuts, please don’t miss the new Synchro Monster that can reinforce 蓮's Deck too!

Powerful cards and Link Monster of 「ジャンク」 series debuts!

Debut of new 「ジャンク」 Monster that capable to Link Summon with 2 Warrior/Machine type monsters (including 1 or more Tune)! The effect of Synchro Summon using the monster to the Link direction as material, capable to activate on various timings including the opponent's turn! 2 Effect Monsters supporting Synchro Summon and Link Summon by summoning each other can't be missed too!

Mighty 「No」 Monster and 「ペンデュラム」 cards debut too!

The effect to use numbers of Xyz materials x 1000 as ATK, and the effect to increase Xys materials of itself, the power-up mighty 「No.」 debuts! More than that, it also possesses extreme effect to attack each of opponent's monsters once! Furthermore, 「ペンデュラム」 card supporting Pendulum Summon with the effect to draw 2 cards, and Trap Card with 2 effects that Special Summon Zombie Type monsters from Graveyard can't be missed too!

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersPREMIUM PACK 20
  • 4 Cards per Pack
  • Card Types : 15 Types
  • ※Ultra Rare versions of Normal Cards also exist in this Set.
  • ※5 Secret Rare versions also exist among 15 type of cards.
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : March 10 2018 (SAT)