Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters LINK VRAINS BOX

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters LINK VRAINS BOX
December 23 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

Go forwards to Link · Vrains! Grab a brilliant special set to your hands!!The essential special set for fans has debuted!! In addition to the gorgeous Duelist items including brightly shining storage box, special card case, special card sleeves, can’t miss the special set of new and featured cards that strengthen the decks of characters from the anime「遊☆戯☆王VRAINS(ヴレインズ)」 too! It’s better to check this gorgeous set with special cards and booster packs closely!

Includes ace monsters from anime「遊☆戯☆王VRAINS (ヴレインズ)」 with new artworks!

The special cards are 4 Link Monsters! The ace monsters played by Playmaker/ブルーエンジェル/Go鬼塚/リボルバー included with new artworks! Moreover, they come with gorgeous brightly shining Extra Secret Rare

The gorgeous collector’s goods essential for fans!

The custom designed bright and shiny Special Storage Box and Special Card Case are convenient to keep decks and cards! Also, the Card Sleeves not only comes with the 「遊☆戯☆王VRAINS(ヴレインズ)」logo, but also includes 1 randomly from total 4 types:「Playmaker」,「ブルーエンジェル」,「Go鬼塚」, and「リボルバー」

Strengthen Deck with Ultra Rare Special Card Set.

Includes mainly from the cards played by characters shown in the anime 「遊☆戯☆王VRAINS」, all comes with Ultra Rare! Maybe new cards and featured cards could strengthen their tactics too!? Stay tuned for further info!

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersLINK VRAINS BOX
  • Featured Cards (Extra Secret Rare) : 4 cards
  • Special Card Set (Ultra Rare) : 20 cards
  • Booster Packs: 3 packs [※1]
  • Special Storage Box : 1
  • Special Card Case (assembly type) : 1
  • Special Card Sleeves (VRAINS logo) : 60 pcs
  • Special Card Sleeves (Character) : 60 pcs [※2]
  • ※1:1 pack of CODE OF THE DUELIST/CIRCUIT BREAK/EXTREME FORCE is each included.
  • ※2:1 type is randomly included from Playmaker/ブルーエンジェル/Go鬼塚/リボルバー.
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : December 23 2017 (SAT)