Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters EXTREME FORCE

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters EXTREME FORCE
October 14 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

In addition to have cards shown up in the animation“遊☆戯☆王VRAINS”, also included the cards all Duelist must-have, the Basic Pack (3rd wave of 2017) now debut! The Cyberse Type Monsters manipulated by the protagonist“Playmaker”, powerful cards manipulated by his rival “リボルバー” , and“ティンダングル” manipulated by “財前晃” are included too! The new series “魔導獣” which delivers powerful Effects by utilizing Spell Counter, and “機界騎士(ジャックナイツ)”with Effects relating to the same row also debut!

New key Monsters of “Playmaker” and “リボルバー” debut!

The new key Monsters of the protagonist “Playmaker” and his rival“リボルバー”debut! Many cards used by them during their conflict of each other in the animation, also included! Besides that, additional information of more cards played by other characters in the animation to be revealed soon!

New “魔導獣” series debut!
Expand with Spell Counters!

Placing Spell Counters when Spell Cards activated by each other, and using it to activate various Effects, the new series debut! All “魔導獣” monsters are Pendulum Monsters not only able to be played as Monsters but also can be activated like a Spell Card that may pull out Effects of allied Monsters by placing Spell Counters, or lead to P Effects!

Manipulated by “財前晃”
“ティンダングル” series also included!

Manipulate the Flip Effect Monsters and link to Link Monsters with powerful Effects, “ティンダングル” series also included! The aided Spell / Trap cards are powerful, and the combos expanded by sending “ティンダングル” to graveyard with maintaining the front line under control are also powerful!

Breakthrough the frontline by making lines of your own!
The new “機界騎士” series debuts!

The new series with effects based on sharing columns appears - meet the “機界騎士”! When 2 or more cards are in a column, they can Special Summon themselves to that column! Wield the effects of these cards to set up a strategy by carefully arranging your columns, then use them to pave the way for a powerful Link Monster! And be sure to check out the “星遺物” cards that further support this series!

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersEXTREME FORCE
  • 5 Cards per Pack
  • 30 Packs per Box
  • Total type of cards in set: 80
    [ Ultra Rare Cards x 6 / Super Rare Cards x 10 / Rare Cards x 18 / Normal Cards x 46 ]
  • ※1 box does not guarantee all Card Types of this Set.
  • ※Ultimate Rare versions of Ultra Rare Cards also exist in this Set.
  • ※Secret Rare Versions of Super Rare and Ultra Rare Cards also exist in this Set.
  • ※A Holographic Rare Version exists in this 80-card set.
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : October 14 2017 (SAT)