Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Duelist Pack - Legend Duelists Edition 2 -

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Duelist Pack - Legend Duelists Edition 2 -
November 11 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

Evolution of legendary Decks! Initiate, Duelists' soul!This is the Duelist Pack “LEGENDARY DUELISTS 2”. Lots of cards featured from the impression of the Decks played by the Duelists from the series of “YU-GI-OH!”. Many of new mighty cards themed by the legend duelists such as “ペガサス・J・クロフォード”, “インセクター羽蛾”, “バンデット・キース”, and “万丈目”, “クロノス”, “ヨハン” from “YU-GI-OH! GX” can strengthen Decks.

Reinforced the excellent strategy of “ペガサス”, Millennium Class Card debut!

Equipped as if absorbing opponent’s monsters which will be expanded more intense!! This Ace not limited to absorb one monster, and can absorb one after another!?

“インセクター羽蛾”The ultimate mutation of“インセクト女王”debut!

Capable to be parasitic (equipped) on a monster and turning it into an Insect Type Monster, the new monster’s combo with “超進化の繭” is so intense! Released its equipped monster and then a new Ace monster will be appeared!

The “バンデット・キース” strategy has been strengthened with brand new firearms!

When dark machine monsters are destroyed by battle or effects, from the hand debuts a strong new ace monster! By combing it with a trap card that can make all your coin tosses into heads, shoot a blow through your enemy (and draw cards too)!

Through the monsters manipulated by “万丈目”Summon the astonishing Fusion Monsters!

Driven “おジャマ”monsters out to collect the new supporting cards for Fusion materials, and then Special Summoning “万丈目”Fusion Monsters in succession! Connect to the new trump card, obtain the victory with astonishing effect by getting rid of the opponent’s cards.

New debut of HUGE Fusion Monster to the “アンティーク・ギア” series of “クロノス”!

Use the powerful new card supporting the activity of “古代の機械巨人” and connecting to the new Fusion Monster that requires 3 “アンティーク・ギア”monsters as material ! The effect to summon huge ally while leaving the field is overwhelming that your opponent shall be hesitate if want to have the raid by effect.

“究極宝玉神” series of“ヨハン”Powerful Fusion Monster debut!

Not only be Fusion Summoned with fantastic 7 “宝玉獣”monsters, but also capable to be Special Summoned with 1 level 10 “究極宝玉神”, the new ace monster debuts. Besides that, the ultimate Trap Card also debut in which can suddenly summon this Ace Monster through the initiation under the battle destroyed by "宝玉獣".

Duelist Pack - Legend Duelists Edition 2 -
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel MonstersDuelist Pack- Legend Duelists Edition 2 -
  • 5 Cards per Pack
  • 15 Packs per Box
  • Total type of cards in set: 50+1
    [ Ultra Rare x 4 / Super Rare x 6 / Rare x 10 / Normal x 30 ]
  • ※1 box does not guarantee all Card Types of this set.
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : November 11 2017 (SAT)