Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V OCG Maximum Crisis

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V OCG Maximum Crisis
January 14 2017 (SAT) RELEASE !

Destruction and Creation, Beginning and The End, merging these bring upon the Almighty Dragon! “覇王龍ズァーク”!!The monster that destroy the world in ARC-V animate, “覇王龍ズァーク” debut!! In addition, many rival cards are included in this set, e.g. ユーリ”捕食植物” and 琉璃 ”LL” etc.
The advanced summoning can be released by Permanent Spell / Permanent Trap instead of monsters, and the new series “真竜” with their diversified deployment arrived! Also, don’t miss the new series “幻煌龍“!! There have a lot of cards in this set which can reinforce the existing series!!

The dragon can destroy everything“覇王龍ズァーク” coming!

The monster that destroy the world in ARC-V animate, “覇王龍ズァーク” will arrive in this Booster!! It’s the first time of Fusion Pendulum Monster in OCG, thus its strength and effect are overwhelming! In addition, it’s also the first time of 2 bodies of “覇王門” monsters in OCG to have P scale 0 and 13 which can be magnificent to carry on the P-summoning!

Strong enough as a PredatorStrengthen ユーリ “捕食植物” cards, make it debut!

Special Summoned “捕食植物”, who have ability of Fusion Summon for supporting the expansion, debut!! In addition to the effect of Fusion Summoning, a new card called “超越融合” will debut with the great effect after further integrating with Fusion Summoning!!

風属性・鳥獣族 activated to make opponent chaos! Included“LL”cards of 琉璃!

風属性・鳥獣族 ”LL”, strongly expand their Xyz summon at same rank 1 level!! When you call out rank 1 “LLアセンブリー・ナイチンゲール”, opponent will be difficult to grasp and give damaged to you. Let’s attack directly, take advantage of your own X-materials to make continuous attacks, win the victory!!

Stay tuned for more!!

Included a number of new cards that can enhance the series, such as “電子光虫 (デジタル・バグ) ”, ”セフィラ” and ”破壊剣” etc! Stay tuned for more!!

Advance Summon after Permanent Spell / Permanent Trap!!New Series “真竜” debut!

As usual, the Advance Summon should be done after releasing a monster, but now new series can allow you to do the releasing by Permanent Spell / Permanent Trap on your field instead! Not only can manipulate large scale of “幻竜族” dynamic deployment, there are many monsters that own their card effects either countering or suppressing as their further strategy, how attractive they are!!

Extensive use of advanced equipment magic one after another!New Series “幻煌龍” debut!

Normal Monsters activated by their powerful equipped spell!! The effect of equipped spell of “幻煌龍 スパイラル” continuously to develop the raging attack, its aim is for victory! The new Field Spell debut, the set also included the Trap Card which can be activated directly from your hand if along with that card! Strongly support the series! In addition, don’t miss another mighty power which to be hidden in this series!?

Maximum Crisis
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V OCGMaximum Crisis
  • 5 Cards per Pack
  • 30 Packs per Box
  • Total type of cards in set: 80
    [ Ultra Rare Cards x 6 / Super Rare Cards x 10 / Rare Cards x 18 / Normal Cards x 46 ]
  • ※1 box does not guarantee all Card Types of this Set.
  • ※Ultimate Rare versions of Ultra Rare Cards also exist in this Set.
  • ※Secret Rare Versions of Super Rare and Ultra Rare Cards also exist in this Set.
  • ※A Holographic Rare Version exists in this 80-card set.
  • ※Contents may be subject to change without notice.
Release Date : January 14 2017 (SAT)