July 1, 2013

Chris Bountaloudis is the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! European Champion!

17-old from Greece captures the prestigious title of WCQ: European Championship 2013 winner
and will represent Europe at this year's Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship in Las Vegas.

More than 1100 participants from 23 countries across Europe made their way to the Frankfurt Fair on the weekend of June 28-30th to battle it out against fellow Dueling enthusiasts for the chance to become the Yu-Gi-Oh! European Champion. After 17 grueling rounds over the two days, Chris Bountaloudis was the Duelist left celebrating at Frankfurt’s Messe venue.

Playing his Spellbook Deck, Chris was ultimately matched up against Michel Grüner from Germany and his Dragon Ruler Deck in a mesmerising final on the Sunday evening. Both Duelists had shown their skills throughout the weekend, before 17-year old Bountaloudis made the decisive move in the final, laying down his Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and winning the match.

In addition to the title of 2013 European Champion and winner's trophy, Chris prize package includes a 64 GB iPad, an exclusive prize card, and travel and accommodation to the illustrious World Championship in Las Vegas, across the weekend of August 10-11th.

Chris will represent Europe at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game 2013 World Championship, along with Michel and the two semi-finalists, Valerio Rozza and Sergio Soldani, both from Italy, where the top players from each continent will compete for the ultimate title.

This year’s WCQ: European Dragon Duel Championship 2013 winner was Niels Kühnberger from Frankfurt. Niels bested 53 other players of his age group and has earned a qualification to the Junior World Championship, that will run alongside the main competition.

Duelists not participating in the WCQ: European Championship main tournament were invited to participate in other events throughout the weekend, including tournaments to win giant Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, gamemats and other prizes, such as the Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry YCS Prize Card. The Sunday also played host to a special YCS Trial tournament within which Marcus Ido from Israel won a paid trip to an upcoming YCS event in Europe.

Duelists needn't wait long for their next weekend full of exciting battles against fellow European contestants. August 31st and September 1st will mark the second European Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series to feature Sealed Pack Play, and will be held in Brussels, Belgium.


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