New tournament prize: Astral Pack!

One of the underlying guidelines of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Organized Play is that no matter which event you will attend, you will always receive an adequate participation prize for your entry fee – nobody goes home empty-handed from an official Yu-Gi-Oh! event!
To support this guideline, we have created Turbo Packs: special, 3-card packs that you get when you participate in official events at your local store.
There have been 8 different Turbo Packs in the last three years, and Duelists all across Europe and Oceania have enjoyed their contents. With the advent of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal TV series, we felt it was time to have a look at Turbo Packs, to update their concept and content based on feedback we received from you. This is the result:


Good bye Turbo Pack, welcome Astral Pack!.
Lots of things about the new Astral Packs will be the same as previous series:

  • 3 cards per pack
  • You get them for participating in official tournaments at your local store.
  • You’ll get a chance to bling out your Deck with shiny versions of cards you might already have.
  • We’ll reprint cards so they’ll be easier to get.
  • Astral Packs will be a great way to get the latest (and most accurate) card text on complicated cards.

But we’re always learning and improving. Astral Packs needed to be better and cooler than Turbo Packs. So we made a few changes, as well:

  • Ultimate Rares are really cool – so we tripled them! Each Astral Pack set will have 3 different Ultimate Rares.
  • All cards that would have been normal Rares have been upgraded to Super Rare – there will be 10 different Super Rares per set!
  • Each Astral Pack will now contain 1 foil card (either Super or Ultimate Rare).
  • The total set size increased to 25 cards.
  • There will be 1 new monster per set, but it will be VERY hard to get.

With 13 foils per set - and a foil in every pack - we're pretty sure that Astral Packs will be fun and exciting to open every time you play in your local tournaments!
Once the Astral Packs are available, you'll be able to upgrade your Deck with cards like the Ultimate Rare Tsukuyomi, Super Rare versions of Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, Terraforming, Mask Change, and The Gates of Dark World, and easy-to-get common versions of cards like Swift Scarecrow and Thunder of Ruler.
Astral Packs are hitting your local stores on December 7. Head over to your local tournament store and Duel for Astral Packs! You can find a list of tournament stores in your area here.


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