Welcome to Konami’s global ranking system!

Welcome Duelists of the world, to the global ranking system! Now, you can see how you rank against players from around the world!
To participate in the global ranking system, get a COSSy ID at your local tournament store if you haven’t done so already. Then, log into your COSSy account at https://www.cossy.konami.net and fill out your profile information (name, nickname, address). After you have participated in rated events, your rankings will be displayed in your COSSy account.

You’ll notice two tabs on the Ranking screen: Preliminary and Verified.  Preliminary Rankings are a running total of all results that have been input to date and show how you stack up against other Duelists at this point in time.  But don’t forget, sometimes, it takes a while for past results to be input.  That’s where the Verified Rankings come in.  When Konami confirms that all results have been input up to a certain time, we finalize the ranking, and that’s when your global ranking is verified! 

The more you Duel, the higher your rankings will become!  So keep on Dueling, and keep on checking back to see how you you rank against players from around the world!

If you have trouble logging in to COSSy, please contact yugioh@konami-europe.net.

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