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UPDATED: 02/04/13

Please check the Products page for the most current legality dates of Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME product releases.

This is a list of cards that are currently legal for play.

Booster Structure Deck Starter Deck Other

Up to, and including, Cosmo Blazer and Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz

Up to, and including, Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck

Up to, and including, Starter Deck: Xyz Symphony

Gold Series 5: Haunted Mine, Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World, Prophecy Destroyer Collectible Tin, and the Premium Collection.


SHONEN JUMP Magazine Promos Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Promos Video Game Promos

Up to, and including, "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings" (JUMP-EN063)

Up to, and including, "Elemental HERO Escuridao" (YG09-EN001), "Infernity General" (YF03-EN001), and “Number 50: Blackship of Corn” (YZ02-EN001)

All Video Game promotional cards are legal.


Duel Terminal

All Duel Terminal cards are legal for play EXCEPT:

DT07-EN014 through DT07-EN029  are NOT legal.
DT07-EN031 is NOT legal.
DT07-EN033 is NOT legal.
DT07-EN035 through DT07-EN040 are NOT legal.
DT07-EN043 through DT07-EN045 are NOT legal.
DT07-EN048 through DT07-EN058 are NOT legal.
DT07-EN063 through DT07-EN083 are NOT legal.
DT07-EN087 through DT07-EN093 are NOT legal.
DT07-EN095 and DT07-EN096 are NOT legal.
DT07-EN099 and DT07-EN100 are NOT legal.


¹ SHONEN JUMP Magazine and SHONEN JUMP Alpha cards are NOT legal for play in Europe, Oceania, Central, or South America, as SHONEN JUMP Magazine and SHONEN JUMP Alpha are not officially distributed there. If a SHONEN JUMP and/or Graphic Novel card has been released through another method, then that card is legal for play.

² Yu-Gi-Oh!-related Graphic Novel cards are only legal for play in Europe, Oceania, Central, or South America if that Graphic Novel was specifically distributed there. (This is rare.)

³ Video Game promo cards are legal starting with the official “on sale” date for that video game within that continent.


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